Success Stories

Success Stories

Marla’s Community Support Groups – 2007-Present

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Marla Genova, the leader has an extraordinary gift to be non-judgmental. She has a rare combination of psychology education as well as experience with personal social anxiety.

Marla’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Based Intensive Group

I was disappointed that most therapists have never heard of social anxiety and the lack of resources. I’ve found that since attending this group, I feel much more optimistic about being able to overcome my anxiety.
Angela, Eastern CT

Customized Resources

Marla Genova and I had a call together, she was so understanding and non-judgmental that I felt like I was talking to a friend. We spoke about a social situation that I had coming up the following day, and immediately after our call, she sent me lots of resources to help me prepare for that. She checked in on me about how the event went and again a few days later, after she sent me even more resources and avenues. We (those with social anxiety) have a hard time connecting with new people because we always feel judged, even by family and friends, and I never once felt that way with Marla. I cannot thank her enough for being there when I needed direction. 
Jerry Frawley

Individual Coaching

Marla is professional, has tremendous content expertise, top-notch coaching skills, and most importantly is compassionate. I was freed from unhelpful thoughts, stories and perspectives.
Raquel Braithwaite

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop Facilitator

Fully immersive experience, it’s the only effective way to pass through the fear and anxiety.
Rob S.

Define & Empower Your New Personal Story Workshop

This is a great eye opener. It brings out important thoughts buried within.
Bob S.
I happily traveled two hours from NYS for each meeting because it simply is worth it. Marla does an excellent job.
Rich H.